Better Woman Wins WMV

Tilly McReese and Zaria are both sitting in the waiting area awaiting an interview. They’re both applying for a secretary position. They show up dressed very differently for the event; Tilly has attempted to dress in professional clothes, and Zaria is completely casual. The interviewer walks in and comments on their respective choices in attire. She mentions though, that their fashion sense (or lack thereof) should not be a determining factor in deciding who gets the job. It doesn’t matter, she says, because the job will require full nudity. In order to be considered for the position, they will have to strip naked first. Both women are shocked, but after several minutes of deliberating, go along with this idea in hopes of getting the job. Reluctantly, they both begin to remove layer after layer, expecting this to end up being a sick joke. Much to their dissatisfaction, it’s very much real!