Cum Eating Instruction

CEI for Virgins

I just love playing with virgins. You’re so weak and so easy to manipulate. I could make you do anything. I flaunt my tits and ass and dirty talk and I can convince you to do anything. But really…do I need to flaunt my body to get you to do anything? You’re already so weak for me. So hm….what will I make this little virgin do? Look at you. So pathetic. If you could actually get pussy you wouldn’t be here….watching this clip where I treat u like garbage. You love it. Take it out for me. I want to verbally abuse you while you stroke it for me. Stroke that cock that will never feel the warm wet embrace of a pussy. Virgins do disgusting things for me. I want you to humiliate yourself more just to make me laugh. You’re going to eat ur cum for me. Hahahahaha. Buy more of my Cum Eating Instruction clips: more of my CEI clips: more of my Virgin Humiliation clips: more of my Verbal Humiliation clips: more of my Sexual Rejection clips: Follow me on Twitter: my promo account: my AVN Stars account: my subreddit: Good boys send tribute via my profile. Go and send now.